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Upgrade controllers

Verify LIFs and register the serial number

Contributors netapp-aoife netapp-martyh

Before returning the replacement node to service, you must verify that the LIFs are on their home ports, and register the serial number of the replacement node if AutoSupport is enabled, and reset automatic giveback.

  1. Verify that the logical interfaces are reporting to their home server and ports: network interface show -is-home false

    If any LIFs are listed as false, revert them to their home ports: network interface revert *

  2. Register the system serial number with NetApp Support.

    If…​ Then…​

    AutoSupport is enabled

    Send an AutoSupport message to register the serial number.

    AutoSupport is not enabled

    Call NetApp Support to register the serial number.

  3. If automatic giveback was disabled, reenable it: storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback true