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Delete SAN LIFs no longer required from the original nodes

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

If the cluster is in a SAN environment, you must delete any SAN LIFs that you no longer require from the original nodes before you can unjoin the original nodes from the cluster.

  1. If you have iSCSI initiators, complete the following steps:

    1. Display a list of active initiators currently connected to an SVM on the original nodes, once for each of the old LIFs:
      iscsi connection show -vserver Vserver_name -lif old_lif

      The following example shows the output of the command with an active initiator connected to SVM vs1:

      cluster::> iscsi connection show -vserver vs1 -lif data2
                Tpgroup        Conn  Local           Remote          TCP Recv
      Vserver   Name     TSIH  ID    Address         Address         Size
      --------- -------- ----- ----- --------------- --------------- --------
      vs1       data         9     1    131400
    2. If any initiators are still logged in to an original node, log out of the sessions from your host computer.

  2. Display the port set list to determine if any iSCSI or FC LIFs on the original nodes belong to a port set:

    lun portset show

    The following example shows output of the lun portset show command:

    cluster:> lun portset show
    Server    Portset      Protocol Port Names              Igroups
    --------- ------------ -------- ----------------------- ------------
    js11      ps0          mixed    LIF1,                   igroup1
              ps1          iscsi    LIF3                    igroup2
              ps2          fcp      LIF4                    -
    3 entries were displayed.
  3. If any iSCSIs or FC LIFs on an original node are members of a port set, remove them from the port set:

    lun portset remove -vserver vserver_name -portset portset_name -port-name lif_name

  4. Delete the LIFs on the original nodes:

    network interface delete -vserver vserver_name -lif lif_name