Upgrade controllers

Prepare for the upgrade when moving volumes

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You must perform a few preparation steps before upgrading controller hardware by moving volumes.

  1. Display the volumes on the original nodes:

    volume show

    You use the command output to prepare the list of volumes to move to the new nodes.

  2. Display and record license information from the original nodes:

    system license show

  3. If you use Storage Encryption on the original nodes and the new nodes have encryption-enabled disks, make sure that the original nodes' disks are correctly keyed:

    1. Display information about self-encrypting disks (SEDs):

      storage encryption disk show

    2. If any disks are associated with a non-manufacture secure ID (non-MSID) key, rekey them to an MSID key:

      storage encryption disk modify

  4. If the cluster is currently in a two-node switchless configuration, migrate the cluster to a two-node switched cluster using the type of switch you prefer.

  5. Send an AutoSupport message from each original node to inform technical support of the upgrade:

    system node autosupport invoke -node node_name -type all -message "Upgrading node_name from platform_original to platform_new"