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Convert node1 to a drive shelf and connect to node3

Contributors netapp-pcarriga

Convert AFF A250 node1 to an NS224 drive shelf and then connect to AFF A400 node3 before reassigning drives from node1 to node3.

  1. Disconnect all network cables from node1.

  2. Remove node1 from the AFF A250 chassis.

  3. Insert the NVMe shelf module (NSM) into the bay of node1.

  4. Connect the NSM to node3 by cabling node3 100GbE port e0c to NSM A port e0a.

    AFF A400 with one NS224 shelf
  5. Move the temporary cluster connections to node3 by moving the 25GbE cabling from node1 ports e0c and e0d to any two 25GbE onboard ports (e0e, e0f, e0g, or e0h) on node3.

    Note If the AFF A400 system uses FC ports as onboard ports, install a 25Gb Ethernet adapter into each node for cluster connectivity during the migration.