Replace failed drive - AFF A200

You must replace a DIMM in the controller module when your system registers an increasing number of correctable error correction codes (ECC); failure to do so causes a system panic.

Before you begin
  • Best practice is to install the current version of the Disk Qualification Package (DQP) before hot-swapping a drive.

  • Identify the failed disk drive by running the storage disk show -broken command from the system console. The failed drive appears in the list of failed drives. If it does not, you should wait, and then run the command again.

  • How you hot-swap the disk depends on how the disk drive is being used. If SED authentication is enabled, you must use the SED replacement instructions in the ONTAP 9 NetApp Encryption Power Guide. These Instructions describe additional steps you must perform before and after replacing an SED.

  • The replacement drive must be supported by your platform. See the NetApp Hardware Universe.

  • All other components in the system must be functioning properly; if not, you must contact technical support.

About this task

Drive firmware is automatically updated (nondisruptively) on new drives that have non current firmware versions.

When replacing several disk drives, you must wait one minute between the removal of each failed disk drive and the insertion of the replacement disk drive to allow the storage system to recognize the existence of each new disk.

Option 1: Replace SSD

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Option 2: Replace HDD

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