Replacing the boot media - AFF A700s

Contributors netapp-martyh thrisun

The primary boot media stores the ONTAP boot image that the system uses when it boots. You can restore the primary boot media image by using the ONTAP image on the secondary boot media, or if necessary, by using a USB flash drive.

If your secondary boot media has failed or is missing the image.tgz file, you must restore the primary boot media using a USB flash drive. The drive must be formatted to FAT32 and must have the appropriate amount of storage to hold the image_xxx.tgz file.

  • The replacement process restores the var file system from the secondary boot media or USB flash drive to the primary boot media.

  • You must replace the failed component with a replacement FRU component you received from your provider.

  • It is important that you apply the commands in these steps on the correct node:

    • The impaired node is the node on which you are performing maintenance.

    • The healthy node is the HA partner of the impaired node.