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Shut down the controllers - ASA A250

Contributors netapp-jsnyder Sreeju-mm

This procedure is for 2-node, non-MetroCluster configurations only. If you have a system with more than two nodes, see How to perform a graceful shutdown and power up of one HA pair in a 4-node cluster.

Before you begin

You need:

  • Local administrator credentials for ONTAP.

  • NetApp onboard key management (OKM) cluster-wide passphrase if using storage encryption or NVE/NAE.

  • BMC accessability for each controller.

  • Stop all clients/host from accessing data on the NetApp system.

  • Suspend external backup jobs.

  • Necessary tools and equipment for the replacement.

Note If the system is a NetApp StorageGRID or ONTAP S3 used as FabricPool cloud tier, refer to the Gracefully shutdown and power up your storage system Resolution Guide after performing this procedure.

As a best practice before shutdown, you should:

  1. Log into the cluster through SSH or log in from any node in the cluster using a local console cable and a laptop/console.

  2. Turn off AutoSupport and indicate how long you expect the system to be offline:

    system node autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "MAINT=8h Power Maintenance"

  3. Identify the SP/BMC address of all nodes:

    system service-processor show -node * -fields address

  4. Exit the cluster shell: exit

  5. Log into SP/BMC over SSH using the IP address of any of the nodes listed in the output from the previous step.

    If your're using a console/laptop, log into the controller using the same cluster administrator credentials.

    Note Open an SSH session to every SP/BMC connection so that you can monitor progress.
  6. Halt the 2 nodes located in the impaired chassis:

    system node halt -node <node>,<node2> -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -ignore-quorum-warnings true -inhibit-takeover true

    Note For clusters using SnapMirror synchronous operating in StrictSync mode: system node halt -node <node>,<node2> -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -ignore-quorum-warnings true -inhibit-takeover true -ignore-strict-sync-warnings true
  7. Enter y for each controller in the cluster when you see Warning: Are you sure you want to halt node "cluster <node-name> number"? {y|n}:

  8. Wait for each controller to halt and display the LOADER prompt.