Power on the system cabinet

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You must connect the system components to the PDUs, route the PDU cables to the AC power sources, connect them to the power sources, and power on the system.

You must have separate power circuits available for each PDU in your system cabinet.

  1. Connect your equipment to the PDUs, making sure that you connect each component’s power supplies to a PDU on opposite sides of the system cabinet.

  2. Feed the PDU power cables through an opening in the system cabinet.

    Use one of the following openings:

    • The top of the system cabinet

    • Between the rear door bottom and frame of the system cabinet

    • Through the floor opening and under the system cabinet

  3. Turn off the power switches or circuit breakers on the PDUs.

  4. Plug each PDU power cable into individual AC power sources that are on separate AC circuits.

  5. Turn on the power switches or circuit breakers to the PDUs.

  6. Turn on the power to your components, and then boot the system.

  7. Close and lock the system cabinet doors.