Create an SVM computer account on the domain


If you have not configured a CIFS server for a data SVM, you can use the vserver active-directory create command to create a computer account for the SVM on the domain.

What you’ll need

You must be a cluster or SVM administrator to perform this task.

About this task

After you enter the vserver active-directory create command, you are prompted to provide the credentials for an AD user account with sufficient privileges to add computers to the specified organizational unit in the domain. The password of the account cannot be empty.

  1. Create a computer account for an SVM on the AD domain:

    vserver active-directory create -vserver SVM_name -account-name NetBIOS_account_name -domain domain -ou organizational_unit

    For complete command syntax, see the worksheet.

    The following command creates a computer account named ADSERVER1 on the domain for the SVM engData. You are prompted to enter the AD user account credentials after you enter the command.

    cluster1::>vserver active-directory create -vserver engData -account-name ADSERVER1 -domain
    In order to create an Active Directory machine account, you must supply the name and password of a Windows account with sufficient privileges to add computers to the "CN=Computers" container within the "" domain.
    Enter the user name: Administrator
    Enter the password: