Install a FabricPool license


The FabricPool license you might have used in the past is changing and is being retained only for configurations that aren’t supported within Cloud Manager. Starting August 21, 2021, a new Cloud Tiering BYOL licensing was introduced for tiering configurations that are supported within Cloud Manager using the Cloud Tiering service.

Configurations that are supported by Cloud Manager must use the Digital Wallet page in Cloud Manager to license tiering for ONTAP clusters. This requires you to set up a Cloud Manager account and set up tiering for the particular object storage provider you plan to use. Cloud Manager currently supports tiering to the following object storage: Amazon S3, Azure Blob storage, Google Cloud Storage, S3-compatible object storage, and StorageGRID.

You can download and activate a FabricPool license using System Manager if you have one of the configurations that is not supported within Cloud Manager:

  • ONTAP installations in the GovCloud or in Dark Sites

  • ONTAP cluster in a MetroCluster configuration

  • ONTAP clusters using FabricPool Mirror functionality

  • ONTAP clusters that are tiering data to IBM Cloud Object Storage or Alibaba Cloud Object Storage

The FabricPool license is a cluster-wide license. It includes an entitled usage limit that you purchase for object storage that is associated with FabricPool in the cluster. The usage across the cluster must not exceed the capacity of the entitled usage limit. If you need to increase the usage limit of the license, you should contact your sales representative.

FabricPool licenses are available in perpetual or term-based, 1- or 3- year, formats.

A term-based FabricPool license with 10 TB of free capacity is available for first time FabricPool orders for existing clusters configurations not supported within Cloud Manager. Free capacity is not available with perpetual licenses.
A license is not required if you use NetApp StorageGRID or ONTAP S3 for the cloud tier. Cloud Volumes ONTAP does not require a FabricPool license, regardless of the provider you are using.

This task is supported only by uploading the license file to the cluster using System Manager.

  1. Download the NetApp License File (NLF) for the FabricPool license from the NetApp Support Site.

  2. Perform the following actions using System Manager to upload the FabricPool license to the cluster:

    1. In the Cluster Settings pane, on the Licenses card, click arrow icon.

    2. On the License page, click add icon.

    3. In the Add License dialog box, click Browse to select the NLF you downloaded, and then click Add to upload the file to the cluster.