Manage ONTAP in the cloud


Whether you use ONTAP in your own datacenter or in the cloud, you use the same interfaces to manage your storage. This means you already know how to manage ONTAP in the cloud. Additionally, NetApp Cloud Manager is a modern, easy-to-use graphical interface for deploying and getting started with Cloud Volumes ONTAP. There are situations when you need to perform advanced management of Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Cloud Volumes Service. You can do so using ONTAP System Manager, the command line interface (CLI), or REST APIs.

ONTAP System Manager runs on the Cloud Volumes ONTAP or Cloud Volumes Service system, enabling you to perform management tasks.

The ONTAP CLI enables you to execute all administrative commands and is a good choice for advanced tasks or if you are more comfortable using the CLI. You connect to the CLI using Secure Shell (SSH).

ONTAP REST APIs enable you to create and manage cloud volumes and develop provisioning scripts and tools. The ONTAP capabilities that are available through the Web user interface are also available through REST APIs. For some situations, this programmatic interface is more useful, especially for developers because they can automate processes involving Cloud Manager operations.

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