SnapMirror Business Continuity overview


Beginning with ONTAP 9.8, you can use System Manager to protect LUNs for transparent application failover, enabling applications to fail over automatically for business continuity when using two AFF clusters or two All SAN Array (ASA) clusters. Your clusters cannot be mixed; they must consist of two AFF clusters or two ASA clusters. Protection for business continuity supports iSCSI and FCP protocols.

The SnapMirror Business Continuity provides the following benefits:

  • Automated failover of business-critical applications

  • Simplified application management, using consistency groups for dependent write-order consistency

  • The ability to test failover for each application

  • Instantaneous creation of mirror clones without impacting application availability

SnapMirror Business Continuity workflow


SnapMirror Business Continuity has the following requirements:

  • 2-node HA cluster, only – both either AFF or ASA. No intermixing.

  • A server or VM running RHEL 7.6 or 7.8 or CentOS 8.0 or 8.1 for installing ONTAP Mediator

  • Data Protection or Premium bundle license


SnapMirror Business Continuity provides support for the following:

  • Synchronous replication

  • SAN protocol – FCP or iSCSI

  • Up to 5 consistency groups, each with up to 12 volumes

  • A total of 80 concurrent synchronous relationships per HA pair, including consistency groups

SnapMirror synchronous workflow