Install a SnapMirror Cloud license


Starting with ONTAP 9.8, SnapMirror Cloud provides asynchronous snapshot replication from ONTAP to object storage endpoints. SnapMirror Cloud relationships can only be configured using pre-qualified third-party backup applications. To configure ONTAP to object storage replication, both SnapMirror and SnapMirror Cloud licenses are required on the ONTAP source cluster configured for replication to the object store endpoint.

About this task

The SnapMirror Cloud license is a single-instance cluster-wide license, it does not need to be installed on every node in the cluster. It is a term-based license where both term and backup capacity are enforced. In addition to this end user license, SnapMirror Cloud requires an authorized and approved backup application to configure and invoke ONTAP APIs for replication. Both SnapMirror Cloud end user license and authorized app are necessary to utilize SnapMirror Cloud replication.

SnapMirror Cloud licenses are acquired through purchase of the Hybrid Cloud Bundle, which can be purchased with 1 or 3 year terms in 1 TB increments. The Hybrid Cloud Bundle includes two licenses — one license for FabricPool and a separate license for SnapMirror Cloud. Each license has a unique serial number. Purchases of the Hybrid Cloud Bundle are based on capacity, where the purchased capacity of the Hybrid Cloud Bundle is applied to both FabricPool and SnapMirror Cloud licenses.

The Hybrid Cloud Bundle provides 10 TB of free capacity for first time orders. When purchasing the Hybrid Cloud Bundle, the 10 TB free capacity is provided for both FabricPool and SnapMirror Cloud licenses. Subsequent orders for add-on capacity will not include the 10 TB free capacity.

SnapMirror Cloud license can be installed on the cluster using the ONTAP command line or ONTAP System Manager.

  1. The Hybrid Cloud Bundle includes two licenses. Download two NetApp License Files (NLF), one for the FabricPool license and a separate NLF for SnapMirror Cloud from the NetApp Support Site.

  2. Use ONTAP System Manager to upload both FabricPool and SnapMirror Cloud NLF files to the cluster:

    1. Click Configuration > Licenses.

    2. In the Cluster Settings pane, click Licenses.

    3. In the Packages window, click Add.

    4. In the Add License Packages dialog box, click Choose Files to select the NLF you downloaded, and then click Add to upload the file to the cluster.

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