Enable File System Analytics


The File System Analytics framework enables you to monitor data usage. This article explains how to enable File System Analytics for capacity analytics and monitoring inactive data and to enable Activity Tracking.

File System Analytics

You can enable File System Analytics when you create a new FlexGroup or FlexVol volume, or when you upgrade a system to ONTAP 9.8 or later. After upgrading, be sure that all upgrade processes have completed before enabling analytics.

Depending on the size and contents of the volume, enabling analytics might take some time while ONTAP processes existing data in the volume.

  1. Enable file system analytics:

    volume analytics on -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name [-foreground {true|false}]

    By default, the command runs in the foreground; ONTAP displays progress and presents analytics data when complete. If you need more precise information, you can run the command in the background by using the -foreground false option and then use the volume analytics show command to display initialization progress.

Activity Tracking

Beginning in ONTAP 9.10.1, you can enable Activity Tracking to view information on high traffic and high throughput activity on a volume.

  1. Enable Activity Tracking:

    volume activity-tracking on -vsverver svm_name -volume volume_name

    You can check if the Activity Tracking state for a volume is on or off with the command:

    volume activity-tracking show -vsverver svm_name -volume volume_name -state

After you finish

Use ONTAP System Manager or ONTAP REST APIs to display the analytic or Activity Tracking data.