NVMe namespaces considerations


To set up the NVMe protocol in your SAN environment, you must configure an SVM for NVMe, create namespaces and subsystems, configure an NVMe/FC LIF, and then map the namespaces to the subsystems. There are certain considerations you should be aware of when working with NVMe namespaces.

  • If you lose data in a LUN, it cannot be restored from a namespace, or vice versa.

  • The space guarantee for namespaces is the same as the space guarantee of the containing volume.

  • Beginning with ONTAP 9.6, namespaces support 512 byte blocks and 4096 byte blocks.

    4096 is the default value. 512 should only be used if the host operating system does not support 4096 byte blocks.

  • Namespaces do not support the following:

    • Renaming

      You cannot rename a namespace.

    • Resizing

      You cannot increase or decrease the size of a namespace.

    • Inter-volume move

    • Inter-volume copy