Adding and removing volumes in a consistency group

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If you want to change the composition of the consistency group by adding or removing a volume, you must first delete the original relationship and then create the consistency group again with the new composition.

About this task
  • The composition change is not allowed when the consistency group is in the “InSync” state.

  • The destination volume should be of type DP.

The new volume you add to expand the consistency group must have a pair of common Snapshot copies between the source and destination volumes.

  1. Delete the zero RTO consistency group relationship:

    destination::>snapmirror delete -destination-path vs1_dst:/cg/cg_dst

  2. Release the source side SnapMirror relationship and retain common Snapshot copies:

    source::>snapmirror release -relationship-info-only true -destination-path vs1_dst:/cg/cg_dst

  3. Create the new consistency group with the new composition:

    destination::> snapmirror create -source-path vs1_src:/cg/cg_src -destination-path vs1_dst:/cg/cg_dst -cg-item-mappings vol_src2:@vol_dst2

  4. Resynchronize the zero RTO consistency group relationship to ensure it is in sync:

    destination::> snapmirror resync -destination-path vs1_dst:/cg/cg_dst