Perform a planned failover

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You can perform a planned failover to test your disaster recovery configuration or to perform maintenance on the primary cluster.

Before you begin
  • The relationship must be in sync

  • Nondisruptive operations must not be running

  • The ONTAP Mediator must be configured, connected, and in quorum

About this task

A planned failover is initiated by the administrator of the secondary cluster. The operation requires switching the primary and secondary roles so that the secondary cluster takes over from the primary. The new primary cluster can then begin processing input and output requests locally without disrupting client operations.

  1. Start the failover operation:

    destination::>snapmirror failover start -destination-path vs1_dst:/cg/cg_dst

  2. Monitor the progress of the failover:

    destination::>snapmirror failover show

  3. When the failover operation is complete, you can monitor the Synchronous SnapMirror protection relationship status from the destination:

    destination::>snapmirror show