Creating a consistency group relationship

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You must create a SM-BC consistency group which also establishes the synchronous consistency group relationship.

Before you begin

The following prerequisites and restrictions apply:

  • You must be a cluster or storage VM administrator

  • You must have a SnapMirror Synchronous license

  • The destination volumes must be type DP

  • The primary and the secondary storage VM must be in a peered relationship

  • All constituent volumes in a consistency group must be in a single Storage VM

  • You cannot establish SM-BC consistency group relationships across ASA clusters and non-ASA clusters

About this task

You must create the consistency group relationship from the destination cluster. You can map up to 12 constituents using the cg-item-mappings parameter on the snapmirror create command.

  1. Create a consistency group and constituent relationship. This example creates two consistency groups: cg_src with constituent volumes vol1 and vol2, and cg_dist with constituent volumes vol1_dr and vol2_dr.

    destination::> snapmirror create -source-path vs1_src:/cg/cg_src -destination-path vs1_dst:/cg/cg_dst -cg-item-mappings vol_src1:@vol_dst1,vol_src2:@vol_dst2 -policy AutomatedFailOver