ONTAP access options

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You have several access options available when configuring the ONTAP nodes participating in an SM- BC deployment. You should select the option that best matches your specific environment and deployment goals.

Note In all cases, you must sign in using the administrator account with a valid password.
Command line interface

The text-based command line interface is available through the ONTAP management shell. You can access the CLI using secure shell (SSH).

System Manager

You can connect to the System Manager using a modern web browser. The web GUI provides an intuitive and easy-to-use interface when accessing the SnapMirror Business Continuity functionality. For more information about using System Manager, see System Manager documentation.


The ONTAP REST API exposed to external clients provides another option when connecting to the ONTAP. You can access the API using any mainstream programming language or tool that supports REST web services. Popular choices include:

  • Python (including the ONTAP Python client library)

  • Java

  • Curl

Using a programming or scripting language provides an opportunity to automate the deployment and management of a SnapMirror Business Continuity deployment. For more information, see the ONTAP online documentation page at your ONTAP storage system.