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There are several prerequisites that you should consider as part of planning a SnapMirror Business Continuity solution deployment.


  • Only two-node HA clusters are supported

  • Both clusters must be either AFF or ASA (no mixing)


  • ONTAP 9.8 or later

  • ONTAP Mediator 1.2 or later

  • A Linux server or virtual machine for the ONTAP Mediator running one of the following:

    • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 or 7. 7

    • CentOS 8.0 or 8.1


  • SnapMirror synchronous (SM-S) license must be applied on both clusters

  • SnapMirror license must be applied on both clusters

    If your ONTAP storage systems were purchased before June 2019, click NetApp ONTAP Master License Keys to get the required SM-S license.

Networking environment

  • Inter-cluster latency must be less than 10 milliseconds

Supported protocols

  • Only SAN protocols are supported (not NFS/CIFS)

  • Only Fibre Channel and iSCSI protocols are supported

ONTAP Mediator

  • Must be provisioned externally and attached to ONTAP for transparent application failover

AppDM Application volumes

Volumes associated with an AppDM Application are not supported with SM-BC. Before creating an SM- BC relationship for a set of volumes, make sure that none of the volumes are associated with an AppDM Application.

In ONTAP 9.8 RC releases, SM-BC does not automatically check before creating a relationship with a set of AppDM Application volumes.