Delete WORM files using privileged delete

Contributors netapp-ahibbard

You can use the privileged delete feature to delete Enterprise-mode WORM files during the retention period.

What you’ll need
  • You must be a SnapLock administrator to perform this task.

  • You must have created a SnapLock audit log and enabled the privileged delete feature on the Enterprise volume.

About this task

You cannot use a privileged delete operation to delete an expired WORM file. You can use the volume file retention show command to view the retention time of the WORM file that you want to delete. For more information, see the man page for the command.

  1. Delete a WORM file on an Enterprise volume:

    volume file privileged-delete -vserver SVM_name -file file_path

    The following command deletes the file /vol/dataVol/f1 on the SVMSVM1:

    SVM1::> volume file privileged-delete -file /vol/dataVol/f1