Decide whether to use System Manager or the ONTAP CLI for cluster setup


While you can set up new clusters with the ONTAP CLI, NetApp recommends that you use System Manager whenever possible to simplify the cluster setup process. Use these procedures only if your version of System Manager does not support initial cluster setup for your planned ONTAP deployment.

You should be aware of the following System Manager support requirements:

  • Cluster setup is supported only for single nodes and HA pairs

  • When you set up node management manually using the CLI, System Manager supports only IPv4 and does not support IPv6. However, if you launch System Manager after completing your hardware setup using DHCP with an auto assigned IP address and with Windows discovery, System Manager can configure an IPv6 management address.

    In ONTAP 9.6 and earlier, System Manager does not support deployments that require IPv6 networking.

  • MetroCluster setup support is for MetroCluster IP configurations with two nodes at each site.

    In ONTAP 9.7 and earlier, System Manager does not support new cluster setup for MetroCluster configurations.

If you are configuring a FlexArray on non-NetApp disks, you need to use the ONTAP CLI to configure root volumes on the array LUNs, and then use the Cluster Setup wizard to set up your cluster. For more information, see the FlexArray Virtualization installation and requirements documentation.

Before completing any of these procedures, you should have installed, cabled and powered on your new storage system according to the installation and setup instructions for your platform model. See the AFF and FAS documentation.