Troubleshoot hardware problems

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Starting with ONTAP 9.8, you can use System Manager to view the configuration of hardware on your network and troubleshoot problems that might arise.

Before you Start

For ONTAP 9.8, System Manager provides a preview of the capability to view hardware configurations. The preview only shows a limited number of AFF models.

  1. In System Manager, select Cluster > Hardware.

  2. Hover your mouse over components to view status and other details.

    You can view various types of information:

Information about nodes

You can view the following:


  • Front and rear views are displayed.

  • Models with an internal disk shelf also show the disk layout in the front view.

  • For ONTAP 9.8, only platform models C190, A220, A300, A400, and A700 are shown.


  • Console ports are not shown in this preview.

  • A port is red if it is down.

  • The status of a port and other details are shown when you hover over the port.


Information about FRUs appears only when the state of a FRU is non-optimal.

  • Failed PSUs in nodes or chassis.

  • High temperatures detected in nodes.

  • Failed fans on the nodes or chassis.

Adapter cards:

  • Cards with defined part number fields are shown in the slots if external cards has been inserted.

  • Ports on cards are shown.

  • Certain cards are shown with specific images of the cards. If the card is not in the list of part numbers supported, then a generic graphic is displayed.


  • Details about FlashCache are shown like an adapter card if slot information is available.

Information about disk shelves

You can view the following:

Disk shelves:

  • Front and rear views are displayed.

Shelf ports:

  • Port status is displayed.

  • Remote port information is shown if the port is connected.

Shelf FRUs:

  • PSU failure information is shown.

Information about storage switches

  • The display shows switches that act as storage switches used to connect shelves to nodes.

  • For ONTAP 9.8, the following model can be viewed: X190100 (Cisco Nexus 3232).

You can view the following:

  • Storage switch information includes switch name, IP address, serial number, SNMP version, and system version.

  • Storage switch port information includes identity name, identity index, state, and other details, including remote connection.