Configure mirrors and vaults

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Create a mirror and vault of a volume to protect data in case of a disaster and to have multiple archived versions of data to which you can roll back. Only the combined mirror-and-vault policy is supported. You cannot specify separate mirror and vault policies.

This procedure creates a mirror-and-vault policy on a remote cluster. The source cluster and destination cluster use intercluster network interfaces for exchanging data. The procedure assumes the intercluster network interfaces are created and the clusters containing the volumes are peered (paired). You can also peer storage VMs for data protection; however, if storage VMs are not peered, but permissions are enabled, storage VMs are automatically peered when the protection relationship is created.

workflow diagram for task to configure mirrors and vaults

  1. Select the volume or LUN to protect: click Storage > Volumes or Storage > LUNs, and then click the desired volume or LUN name.

  2. Click Protect button.

  3. Select the destination cluster and storage VM.

  4. The asynchronous policy is selected by default. To select a synchronous policy, click More Options.

  5. Click Protect.

  6. Click the SnapMirror (Local or Remote) tab for the selected volume or LUN to verify that protection is set up correctly.