Update ONTAP on MetroCluster clusters


This topic provides a high-level overview of the process for upgrading an ONTAP cluster from ONTAP 9.7 or higher to a later version of ONTAP 9 using the System Manager interface.

If you need information about any other ONTAP cluster upgrade scenario, go here.

You can use System Manager to upgrade both clusters in a MetroCluster configuration to a newer version of ONTAP. During the upgrade, the storage service remains online.

Before you start
  • Upload the ONTAP image using a local drive or from an HTTP server on both clusters of the MetroCluster configuration.

  1. Log in to System Manager.

  2. Select Cluster > Update.

    The ONTAP Update window displays a list of images that are available to upload.

  3. Hover over any image name that you do NOT want to upload, and click the trash can icon.

  4. Select the radio button next to the image name that you want to update, and click Update.

  5. Wait for the system to validate the images.

    When the images are successfully validated, the update process begins to install a new version of ONTAP on both clusters.

    You can click Pause at any time to pause the updating process.

  6. When the update process is completed, click Relaunch System Manager.