Provision NAS storage for home directories

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Create volumes to provide storage for home directories using the SMB/CIFS protocol.

This procedure creates new volumes for home directories on an existing SMB-enabled storage VM.

workflow for provisioning NAS storage for home directories

  1. Create a new volume: click Storage > Volumes and then click Add.

  2. Create a home directory share: click Storage > Shares, click Add, and select Home Directory.

  3. Switch to a Windows client to verify that the share is accessible.

    1. In Windows Explorer, map a drive to the share in the following format: \\_SMB_Server_Name__Share_Name_
      If the share name was created with variables (%w, %d, or %u), be sure to test access with a resolved name.

    2. On the newly created drive, create a test file, and then delete the file.