Configure protection for business continuity

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Configuring protection for business continuity involves selecting LUNs on the ONTAP source cluster and adding them to a consistency group. Open System Manager from a browser on the source cluster to begin configuring protection for business continuity.

About this task

  • LUNs must reside on the same storage VM.

  • LUNs can reside on different volumes.

  • The source and destination cluster cannot be the same.

  1. Choose the LUNs you want to protect and add them to a protection group: Protection > Overview > Protect for Business Continuity > Protect LUNs.

  2. Select one or more LUNs to protect on the source cluster.

  3. Select the destination cluster and SVM.

  4. Initialize relationship is selected by default. Click Save to begin protection.

  5. Go to Dashboard > Performance to verify IOPS activity for the LUNs.

  6. On the destination cluster, use System Manager to verify that the protection for business continuity relationship is in sync: Protection > Relationships.