Plan your upgrade without Upgrade Advisor


It is a best practice to use Upgrade Advisor in Active IQ to plan your upgrade. If you do not have an active SupportEdge contract for Active IQ, you should perform the necessary pre-upgrade checks and create your own upgrade plan.

How long will my upgrade take?

You should plan for at least 30 minutes to complete preparatory steps, 60 minutes to upgrade each HA pair, and at least 30 minutes to complete post-upgrade steps.

Note If you are using NetApp Encryption with an external key management server and the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP), you should expect the upgrade for each HA pair to be longer than one hour.

Our upgrade duration guidelines are based on typical configurations and workloads. You can use these guidelines to estimate the time it will take to perform a nondisruptive upgrade in your environment. However, the actual duration of your upgrade process will depend on your individual environment and the number of nodes.