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SaaS Backup For Partner Central

Manage roles

Contributors netapp-rlithman

In SaaS Backup Partner Central, you can modify, add, and assign different user roles.

The default email in Role Management is the partner email.

  1. From the dashboard, click settings icon.

  2. Select Role Management from the dropdown menu.

    settings dropdown menu select role management

  3. In Role Management, you can add, modify, and delete roles.

    role management screen

  4. To add a user, click add icon.

    In Add User, enter the requested information.

    add user role management screen

    1. Select the role for the user.

      • Global Partner Admin: Can create other global partners and has full control of all roles.

      • Full Admin: Has full control of all roles except global partners.

      • Config Admin: Can add and delete customers.

  5. To modify a user's role, click pencil icon.

  6. To delete a user, click delete icon.