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SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365

Migrate data

Contributors netapp-rlithman

To prepare for the end of your license with SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365, you can request data migration from Amazon S3 to tenant-owned Amazon S3 storage or from Microsoft Azure Blob to tenant-owned Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

Note Cross migration from Amazon S3 to Microsoft Azure Blob storage or from Microsoft Azure Blob to Amazon S3 storage is not supported.

After data migration completes, you can export your data using the NetApp SaaS Backup Bulk Export Tool. Sign in to the NetApp Support Tools page and search for the NetApp SaaS Backup Bulk Export Tool.

Note Data migration is an end-of-license activity. All tenants should avoid any form of activity on their SaaS Backup accounts to avoid data and metadata discrepancy during data migration. After data migration completes, all scheduled backups for the tenant will be disabled.

Requirement: To request data migration, log in with tenant account credentials with Global Administrator permissions. Other user roles will not be able to access the Data Migration tab in the user interface.

Recommendation: You should provision the destination storage with sufficient capacity to store all customer data and add 10% more capacity as a buffer for metadata storage.

  1. Go to Account Settings gear icon.

  2. Select the Data Migration tab.

  3. In Storage Details, enter information into the fields:

    Amazon S3 Microsoft Azure

    Bucket name

    Account name


    Container name

    Access key

    Access point

    Secret key

    Access key


    Note Microsoft Azure users must set Public access level to "Blob" for the container provided in Storage Details.
  4. Select Test Connection.

    A green checkmark indicates the connection is healthy.

  5. In Consent, select the box to agree to the terms and conditions of data migration, and select Submit.

    You have successfully saved the details.
    The tenant ID is now visible in Migration Status.

    Tip You will need the tenant ID when you export your data using the NetApp SaaS Backup Bulk Export Tool.

Additional steps for SaaS Backup provided Amazon S3 buckets
After you provide consent, Policy and Policy Note now appear below Consent. Follow the next steps to finalize your data migration request.

  1. Verify and copy the policy.

    copied policy with highlighted IAM-user and destination variables

  2. Go to your Amazon S3 account.

  3. Attach the policy provided in Storage Details to the Amazon S3 destination bucket.

  4. Return to the Data Migration tab in Account Settings in SaaS Backup for Microsoft 365.

  5. In Policy Confirmation, select the box to confirm that you have uploaded the policy to the destination bucket, and select Submit.
    A green checkmark indicates the data migration request is complete and the data migration is now queued.

Refer to Migration Status to monitor the progress of your migration. Migration duration depends on several factors like the amount of data and number of licenses you have.