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NetApp SMI-S Provider



You can use the cimconfig command to configure CIMOM settings, such as enabling and disabling HTTP and HTTPS and changing the HTTP and HTTPS port numbers. After entering the cimconfig command or creating an environment variable for the NetApp SMI-S Provider configuration value, you must restart the CIM server by using the smis cimserver restart command.


cimconfig options


C:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\smis\pegasus\bin

Privilege level

Administrator (Windows)

  • -c

    Specifies that the configuration setting applies to the current CIMOM configuration.

  • -d

    Specifies that the configuration setting applies to the default CIMOM configuration.

  • -g

    Gets the value of a specified configuration property.

  • -h, --help

    Displays help for the cimconfig command.

  • -l

    Lists all CIMOM configuration properties.

  • -p

    Specifies that the configuration setting is applied when the CIM server is next started.

  • -s

    Sets the specified configuration property value.

  • -u

    Resets the configuration property to its default value.

  • --version

    Displays the version of the CIM server.


Change the maximum log file size to 15000 KB:

cimconfig -s maxLogFileSizeKBytes=15000
Current value for the property maxLogFileSizeKBytes is set to "15000" in CIMServer.
smis cimserver restart