NetApp SMI-S Provider

HostAgentAccessDenied (ID: 26263)



Registration of storage provider smis_provider_machine for user name failed from SCVMM_ (machine) with error code HostAgentAccessDenied. Specify valid provider, port and user credentials for storage discovery. ID: 26263


This message occurs when a user is specified in SCVMM to connect to SMI-S Provider but is not part of the SMIS trust store.

To enable communication between SCVMM and SMI-S Provider, a valid CIM user (Local Administrator user or Domain user of the Local Administrators group) must be added to the SMIS trust store using the cimuser command.

Corrective action

Add the Local Administrator user (on the SMI-S Provider machine) to the CIM server database using the cimuser command: cimuser -a -u admin user -w password. You must then use that administrative user when adding NetApp SMI-S Provider to SCVMM.

If the domain controller takes too long to authenticate the Domain user, you must use the Local Administrator user on the SMI-S Provider machine.

If the error persists, you can disable authentication in SMI-S Provider.