NetApp SMI-S Provider

Trace setting values


You can specify the components to trace, the trace target, and the level of tracing. Optionally, you can change the name and location of the trace file if you do not want to use the default trace file name and location.

You can configure the following trace settings:

  • traceComponents

    Specifies the components to be traced. By default, all components are traced.

  • traceFacility

    Specifies the target to which trace messages are written:

    • File

      This is the default value, which specifies that trace messages are written to the file specified by the traceFilePath configuration option.

    • Log

      Specifies that trace messages are written to the cimserver_standard log file.

  • traceFilePath

    Specifies the location of the trace file. By default, the trace is file is named cimserver.trc and is located in the traces directory.

  • traceLevel

    Specifies the level of tracing. By default, tracing is disabled.

    Trace level Trace messages written


    Tracing is disabled.


    Severe and log messages.


    Basic flow trace messages (low data detail)


    Inter-function logic flow (medium data detail)


    High data detail


    High data detail + Method enter and exit