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NetApp SMI-S Provider

Enable indications in SMI-S Provider


Alert, FileSystem Quota, and Lifecycle indications are disabled by default. You can enable these indications by setting the environment variable PEGASUS_DISABLE_INDICATIONS to false.

Before you begin
  • You must already have login credentials as Administrator.

  • You must already have logged in to the host system as Administrator.

About this task

When PEGASUS_DISABLE_INDICATIONS is set to false, then Alert (ONTAP_AlertIndication), FileSystem Quota (ONTAP_FSQuotaIndication), and Lifecycle indications are enabled on NetApp SMI-S Provider.

  1. Access NetApp SMI-S Provider.

  2. Set the PEGASUS_DISABLE_INDICATIONS environment variable to false.

  3. Restart the CIM server:

    smis cimserver restart