Install NetApp SMI-S Provider on a Windows host

You can install NetApp SMI-S Provider software so that you can manage storage systems that run Data ONTAP. However, you cannot revert or downgrade to an earlier version. By default, the NetApp SMI-S Provider software is installed in the C:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\smis\pegasus directory.

Before you begin

You must already have the following credentials and software:

  • Login credentials for the Windows Administrator account

  • NetApp SMI-S Provider software package

About this task

As a result of the installation process, the CIMOM service (named “NetApp SMI-S Provider” in Service Control Manager) and SLP daemon (named “Service Location Protocol” in Service Control Manager) run as automatic services that will automatically start even after a host reboot.

This installation procedure reflects a fresh install.

  1. Log in as Administrator.

  2. Navigate to the directory that contains the NetApp SMI-S Provider software package (smisprovider-version_number.msi), and then double-click the package name.

  3. Complete the steps in the setup wizard.


NetApp SMI-S Provider is started automatically toward the end of the installation process.