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NetApp SMI-S Provider

Verify the CIM server status


After installing NetApp SMI-S Provider, you must verify that the CIM server automatically started after you access SMI-S Provider.

Before you begin

You must already have login credentials as Administrator.

  1. Log in as Administrator.

  2. Access NetApp SMI-S Provider by navigating to the directory where the executables reside:

    If you are using…​ Then do this…​

    Command prompt (with elevated administrative privileges)

    Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\NetApp\smis\pegasus\bin

    Start > Programs menu

    Right-click NetApp SMI-S Provider and select Run as Administrator.

  3. View the CIM server status:

    smis cimserver status

    If the CIM server has been started, the following message is displayed:

    NetApp SMI-S Provider is running.