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Snap Creator Framework

Snap Creator Server overview

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

The Snap Creator Server is the main engine of the Snap Creator Framework.

Typically, the Snap Creator Server is installed on a physical or virtual host. The server hosts the Snap Creator graphical user interface (GUI) and the databases required for storing information about jobs, schedules, users, roles, profiles, and configuration files, as well as metadata from plug-ins. The Snap Creator Server is sometimes shortened to scServer within Snap Creator.

The following illustration depicts the architecture for the Snap Creator Server:

scfw server architecture

The Snap Creator Server component, which is written in Java, is typically installed on a central backup server. In smaller environments, this component can be installed on the host on which the application or database that you want to manage is installed. The Snap Creator Server component includes the following parts:

  • Workflow engine

    Runs all the Snap Creator tasks and commands. The XML-driven, multi-threaded workflow engine is the central component of Snap Creator.

  • Snap Creator Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

    Used by the Snap Creator GUI and command-line interface (CLI).

  • Snap Creator repository

    Contains information about Snap Creator profiles and configuration files, including global configurations and profile-level global configurations.

  • Snap Creator extended repository

    Provides a database location for every job that is run in Snap Creator, including important information about the job as well as metadata generated by plug-ins.

  • Snap Creator database

    Stores information about Snap Creator schedules and jobs as well as role-based access control (RBAC) users and roles.

  • Storage Interface

    Serves as a common Snap Creator interface for NetApp storage systems, which uses Data ONTAP APIs to handle operations such as creating Snapshot copies, SnapVault updates, and SnapMirror updates.

  • Active IQ Unified Manager Interface

    For optional communication with NetAppActive IQ Unified Manager, this interface uses Unified Manager APIs instead of Data ONTAP APIs for operations such as creating Snapshot copies, SnapVault updates, and SnapMirror updates.

  • Agent Interface

    Communicates with Snap Creator agents. Although the Snap Creator Agent and Snap Creator Server are usually installed on different physical or virtual hosts, both can be installed on the same host.

    Note Snap Creator Server 4.3.0 supports only Snap Creator Agent4.1.x and 4.3.x. Snap Creator Server 4.3.0 does not support Snap Creator Agent versions before 4.1.x.