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Snap Creator Framework

Parameters for setting up SnapMirror

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

Several parameters are required to set up SnapMirror for Snap Creator Server.

Parameter Setting Description


“Y” or “N”

Enables you to turn on and turn off the SnapMirror update function.


“Y” or “N”

Enables you to turn on and turn off the cascading SnapMirror update function. This is a SnapMirror update using a SnapVault destination volume.

Note This is not supported for clustered Data ONTAP.


Specifies the list of source storage systems and volumes on which you want to perform a SnapMirror update (for example, controller1:vol1,vol2,vol3;controller2:vol1;controller3:vol2,vol3). Note: For the VMware plug-ins (vSphere and vCloud), the value should be set to auto:detect.


Specifies the list of SnapVault destination storage systems and volumes where, after a SnapVault update, you want to perform a SnapMirror update (for example, sec-controller1:vol1-sec,vol2-sec).This is not supported with cascade replication if a source volume has multiple destinations.

Note This is not supported for clustered Data ONTAP.


Specifies the wait time (in minutes) for the SnapMirror update process to finish before creating a clone on the SnapMirror destination.If NTAP_CLONE_SECONDARY is set to Y, Snap Creator waits until the SnapMirror update is finished before proceeding.

Note This can be used only with NTAP_CLONE_SECONDARY and the cloneVol action (only volume clones are currently supported).


“Y” or “N”

If this parameter is enabled, the SnapMirror update uses the newly created Snapshot copy, thus creating a Snapshot copy on the SnapMirror destination. Note: This is required for NTAP_CLONE_SECONDARY because a Snapshot copy is required to create a clone on the SnapMirror destination.


Specifies the maximum bandwidth (in kbps) that SnapMirror is allowed to use.If this parameter is not set, SnapMirror uses the maximum available bandwidth.


Specifies the list of primary storage controllers and qtree paths to be included in the SnapMirror update (for example, controller1:/vol/qtree/qtree1,/vol/volume/qtree2;controller2:/vol/volume/qtree1).If this option is not used, then all the qtrees under a volume will be backed up. By specifying a list using this option, only the qtrees that are listed will be backed up; the remaining qtrees will be ignored.