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Snap Creator Framework

SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange plug-in

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

The SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange plug-in is used to centralize backup operations for Microsoft Exchange Server through Snap Creator. Using this plug-in, you can configure tens or hundreds of SnapManager for Exchange servers through Snap Creator, allowing you to view all of your SnapManager for Exchange backup jobs and statuses from a single interface.

Unlike the other plug-ins, the SnapManager plug-ins (SnapManager for Microsoft SQL Server and SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange) use PowerShell to communicate with an existing installation of SnapManager. The SnapManager plug-ins require that the SnapManager products are already installed and operating. The SnapManager plug-ins use the new-backup Powershell cmdlet to create a backup through SnapManager. All cloning and restore actions should continue to be driven through the SnapManager interface.

Note For the latest information about support or to view compatibility matrices, see the Interoperability Matrix.

The SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange plug-in requires Snap Creator Agent to be installed on the same host as SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange. You should set the SC_AGENT_TIMEOUT value to 900 or higher.

The following table provides SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange plug-in parameters, provides their settings, and describes them:

Parameter Setting Description


Example: "C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapManager for Exchange\smeShell.psc1"

Specifies the path to the PowerShell configuration file for SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange.


Example: Server 'EX2K10-DAG01' -GenericNaming -ManagementGroup 'Standard' -NoTruncateLogs $False -RetainBackups 8 -StorageGroup 'dag01_db01' -BackupCopyRemoteCCRNode $False

Specifies the SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange backup options.Snap Creator uses a PowerShell cmdlet for a new backup.


Example: EX2K10-DAG01

Specifies the SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange server name.




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