What Snap Creator information should be backed up

The best practice is to create backup copies of specific Snap Creator directories to help ensure that the Snap Creator data can be restored without loss.

You should create backup copies of the following directories:

  • The Snap Creator Server 4.3 engine subdirectory:

    • Snap Creator database (..\snapcreator)

    • Snap Creator Server properties (..\etc)

    • Profiles and configuration (..\configs)

    • Logs (..\logs)

    • Plug-in repository, if enabled (..\snapcreatorPlugin)

  • The Snap Creator Agent directory:

    • Snap Creator Agent properties (..\etc)

    • Logs, if enabled (..\logs)

    • Plug-ins (..\plugins)

Note Optimally, backups should be scheduled to occur when the Snap Creator services or processes can be stopped in order to ensure that the Snap Creator data is backed up consistently.