Creating backups

You can create backups by using the Snap Creator GUI.

One of the following conditions must be met:

  • A backup policy must be defined in the configuration file; or,

  • A policy object must be configured and assigned to the profile.

    Note If a policy object is defined, it will overrule any entries that might be in the configuration file.
    1. From the Snap Creator GUI main menu, select Management > Configurations.

    2. From the Configurations tab, in the Profiles and Configuration pane, select the configuration file.

    3. Select Actions > Backup.

      backup select
    4. In the Additional Parameters dialog box, select the policy, and then click OK to start the backup.

      Note If no user-created policy is assigned to the configuration, hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly are the available selections in the Policy drop-down list. If one or more user-created policies have been assigned to the configuration, they are displayed in the Policy drop-down list instead.
      additional parameters
    5. Verify that information about the backup job is displayed in the Console pane.

      console area backup

      In this example, the output indicates that the Snap Creator operation finished successfully.

      Note The Console pane only displays the most pertinent information; this is the verbose mode. To see detailed information about the job that just ran, select Reports > Logs at the top of the page. From the Logs view, the profile, configuration file, log type, and specific log can be selected.