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Snap Creator Framework

Performing a Snap Creator dump

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

You can collect support information by using scdump from the Snap Creator GUI.

A Snap Creator dump (scdump) gathers the following support information at the profile level and places it into a .zip file:

  • Configuration files for the profile

  • Log files (Ouptut and Debug)

  • Other log files (server.log, gui.log, and sc_server.log)

  • Environmental information (scdump.txt), such as the following items:

    • Snap Creator version (build information, date, and so on)

    • Host operating system and architecture

    • Database and version

    • SnapDrive version

      1. From the Snap Creator GUI main menu, select Management > Configurations.

      2. From the Profiles and Configurations pane, expand the profile and select a configuration file.

      3. Select Actions > scdump.

        Note This process might take several minutes. Refrain from selecting the scdump option multiple times.
      4. Save the .zip file.

        The zip file (scdump_profile_date/ is saved to the Snap Creator Server installation directory in the engine subdirectory.