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Snap Creator Framework

Resuming a SnapVault relationship with clustered Data ONTAP


If you restore using a Snapshot backup other than the latest one, you need to resume the SnapVault relationship so that Snap Creator can continue to run backups.

  1. Re-create and resynchronize the SnapVault relationship.

    hana::> snapmirror create -source-path hana1a:hana_data -destination-path
    hana2b:backup_hana_data -type XDP
    Operation succeeded: snapmirror create the relationship with destination
    hana::> snapmirror resync -destination-path hana2b:backup_hana_data -type XDP
    Warning: All data newer than Snapshot copy sc-backup-daily_20140430121000 on volume
    hana2b:backup_hana_data will be deleted.
    Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
    [Job 6554] Job is queued: initiate snapmirror resync to destination "hana2b:backup_hana_data".
    [Job 6554] Job succeeded: SnapMirror Resync Transfer Queued
  2. To actually restart the SnapVault transfer, a manual Snapshot copy is required.

    hana::> snapshot create -vserver hana1a -volume hana_data -snapshot sv_resync
    hana::> snapshot modify -vserver hana1a -volume hana_data -snapshot sv_resync -snapmirror-label daily
    hana::> snapmirror update -destination-path hana2b:backup_hana_data
    Operation is queued: snapmirror update of destination hana2b:backup_hana_data.
  3. Verify that the SnapVault relationship appears in the destination list.

    hana::> snapmirror list-destinations -source-path hana1a:hana_data
    Source             Destination         Transfer   Last         Relationship
    Path         Type  Path         Status Progress   Updated      Id
    ----------- ----- ------------ ------- --------- ------------ ---------------
                XDP   hana2b:backup_hana_data
                                           38.46KB   04/30 18:15:54