Starting the SnapVault relationships with clustered Data ONTAP

You need to define a SnapMirror policy before you start a SnapVault relationship.

  1. For storage systems running clustered Data ONTAP, you start the SnapVault relationships by running the following command.

    hana::> snapmirror policy create -vserver hana2b -policy SV_HANA
    hana::> snapmirror policy add-rule -vserver hana2b -policy SV_HANA -snapmirror-label daily -keep 20
    hana::> snapmirror policy add-rule -vserver hana2b -policy SV_HANA -snapmirror-label hourly -keep 10
    hana::> snapmirror policy show -vserver hana2b -policy SV_HANA
                       Vserver: hana2b
        SnapMirror Policy Name: SV_HANA
                  Policy Owner: vserver-admin
                   Tries Limit: 8
             Transfer Priority: normal
     Ignore accesstime Enabled: false
       Transfer Restartability: always
                       Comment: -
         Total Number of Rules: 2
                    Total Keep: 8
                         Rules: Snapmirror-label  Keep Preserve Warn
                                ----------------- ---- -------- ----
                                daily              20  false      0
                                hourly             10  false      0

    The policy must contain rules for all retention classes (labels) that are used in the Snap Creator configuration. The above commands show how to create a dedicated SnapMirror policy SV_HANA

  2. To create and start the SnapVault relationship on the cluster console of the backup cluster, run the following commands.

    hana::> snapmirror create -source-path hana1a:hana_data -destination-path
    hana2b:backup_hana_data -type XDP –policy SV_HANA
    Operation succeeded: snapmirror create the relationship with destination
    hana::> snapmirror initialize -destination-path hana2b:backup_hana_data -type XDP