Connecting LUNs with disk groups, host volumes, and file systems

To use the snapdrive storage connect command to connect LUNs that have disk groups, host volumes and file systems, you need to follow the syntax.

Enter the following command:

snapdrive storage connect -fs file_spec -hostvol file_spec -lun long_lun_name [lun_name…​] [-igroup ig_name [ig_name…​]] [-nopersist] [-mntopts options] [-fstype type] [-vmtype type]

Example: Connecting a file system created on a LUN

# snapdrive storage connect -fs /mnt/fs -lun f270-221-189:/vol/vol0/lun111 -nolvm
mapping lun(s) ... done
discovering lun(s) ... done
LUN f270-221-189:/vol/vol0/lun111 connected
- device filename(s): /dev/vx/dmp/fas2700_939