Connecting LUNs with disk groups, host volumes, and file systems

Contributors netapp-ivanad

To use the snapdrive storage connect command to connect LUNs that have disk groups, host volumes and file systems, you need to follow the syntax.

Enter the following command:

snapdrive storage connect -fs file_spec -hostvol file_spec -lun long_lun_name [lun_name…​] [-igroup ig_name [ig_name…​]] [-nopersist] [-mntopts options] [-fstype type] [-vmtype type]

Example: Connecting a file system created on a LUN

# snapdrive storage connect -fs /mnt/fs -lun f270-221-189:/vol/vol0/lun111 -nolvm
mapping lun(s) ... done
discovering lun(s) ... done
LUN f270-221-189:/vol/vol0/lun111 connected
- device filename(s): /dev/vx/dmp/fas2700_939