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Snapdrive for Unix

Considerations for using volume-based SnapRestore


You can use volume-based SnapRestore (VBSR) with keeping few points in mind. Keeping these points in mind helps you to use the VBSR feature safely.

You must keep the following points in mind:

  • VBSR reverts the entire volume to the state of the time when the Snapshot copy is created, which is used for VBSR. VBSR includes the following:

    • All the files and LUNs for the specified host filespec during snap create operation.

    • All the files and LUNs that are part of the application consistent Snapshot copy during snap create operation.

  • VBSR removes all the newer files and LUNs created on the current volume after the Snapshot copy used for restore.

  • VBSR removes all the newer Snapshot copies that are taken after the Snapshot copy which is being used for restore.

  • It is recommended that you run -vbsr preview command before using -vbsr execute command.