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Snapdrive for Unix

FC or iSCSI configuration checks


Although Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) and Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) were once distributed as separate utilities, you can find both FCP and iSCSI configuration support available in AIX Host Utilities.

If you have a configuration that uses FC or iSCSI, you must complete the following tasks before you install SnapDrive for UNIX:

  • Make sure you have installed AIX Host Utilities on your host system.

  • Set up your host and storage systems.

    To work with the host, follow the instructions in the documentation that comes with the host utilities to your storage systems. Configurations that include multipathing or Volume Manager software must use the software that is supported by the AIX Host Utilities and SnapDrive for UNIX.

Note The latest information about SnapDrive for UNIX and its requirements is available in the Interoperability Matrix.

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