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Snapdrive for Unix

Methods for displaying storage information


To make it easier to display information about storage, SnapDrive for UNIX provides several formats for the snapdrive storage show command.

Storage show operations fall into the following general categories:

  • Displaying information about a specific LUN.

  • Listing information about LUNs available for specific storage systems or storage system volumes.

  • Displaying information about LUNs associated with the arguments you specify.

    These arguments can include NFS entities, file systems, host volumes, or disk groups. If you use the -verbose option at the command prompt, SnapDrive for UNIX provides detailed output, such as showing the storage hierarchy including the backing LUNs.

  • Displaying information about the devices known to the host.

  • Displaying information about all devices and LVM entities known to the host.

  • Displaying the status of a resource as shared or dedicated.