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Snapdrive for Unix

Support for NetAppDataMotion for vFiler


SnapDrive for UNIX supports DataMotion for vFiler. When you perform DataMotion for vFiler, few SnapDrive for UNIX operations might fail during the cutover phase.

Note If the SnapDrive for UNIX operations fail during the cutover phase of vFiler migration, you must perform the SnapDrive for UNIX operations after the DataMotion for vFiler operations are completed.

You must set the datamotion-cutover-wait variable in the snapdrive.conf file to execute SnapDrive for UNIX operations.

Note If you run a volume-based snap restore command during the cutover phase of a vFiler migration, the snap restore operation might fail. After the migration is complete and the vFiler is available at the destination, running a volume-based snap restore operation places the LUNs offline. You must manually put the LUNs back online.