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Snapdrive for Unix

Configuring user credentials on SnapDrive for UNIX


The SnapDrive for UNIX administrator receives user credentials from Operations Manager console administrator. These user credentials need to be configured on SnapDrive for UNIX for proper storage operations.

  1. Configure sd-admin on the storage system.

    [root]#snapdrive config set -dfm sd-admin ops_mngr_server
    Password for sd-admin:
    Retype password:
  2. Configure sd-hostname on the storage system.

    [root]#snapdrive config set sd-unix_host storage_array1
    Password for sd-unix_host:
    Retype password:
  3. Verify step 1 and step 2, using the snapdrive config list command.

    user name       appliance name          appliance type
    sd-admin        ops_mngr_server         DFM
    sd-unix_host    storage_array1          StorageSystem
  4. Configure SnapDrive for UNIX to use Operations Manager console Role-based access control (RBAC) by setting the configuration variable rbac-method="dfm" in the snapdrive.conf file.

    Note The user credentials are encrypted and saved in the existing .sdupw file. The default location of the earlier file is /opt/NetApp/snapdrive/.sdupw.